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INTC Block Order trade: +10% in 4 days with more gains to come. How we are trading it

Today we focus on Intel (INTC) block order trade. A couple of weeks ago we spotted a large block order activity in the dark pool exchanges. Dark pools tell us that an institutional position has been initiated. It does not tell us the direction of that specific position. (The direction is for traders to figure out by watching support and resistance levels.) A few days later price started to show bullish technicals. We initiated a swing alert. Today price popped +5% in the post market following the report of company appointing a new CFO. Up +10% in 4 days with more bullish energy to come. Back in December, institutions knew that something was cooking and they placed that large block order trade, hidden away from the public eye. We saw it, decoded it and traded it. This is the power of Block Orders. Watch this video to get the technical insights. Good trading! Trading Risk Disclaimer All the information shared is provided for educational purposes only. Any trades